Special Features:
A WeThePeople envy 2013 custom Bmx best wethepeople bmx you can get also has a rare freecoaster id say it's suitable for ages 12-17. It is a very popular bmx and rare bmx as it isn't sold anymore and that it is made by wethepeople and has signature parts on it. It would be a good present for Xmas.


wethepeople envy frame

wethepeople envy forks

Eclat Nathan Williams top load signature stem

salt bars and grips

Eclat berserk front wheel,

front hub is a chrome eclat one

rear hub is a Khe reverse freecoaster don't know what rim

Eclat onyx cranks

s&m toughman sprocket 30t

eclat plastic pedals and an eclat half link chain.

also a wethepeople smuggler seat with Allen keys inside

Its a really nice bike and very popular the best wethepeople one you can get and with it having a khe reverse freecoaster its at a good price. My reason for selling is that I don't ride it anymore and I don't have the room to store it.

It is in a really good condition and it originally costed over £900 last year. Feel free to contact me about any queries about the bike. Also collection and payment in person please.

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