Hybrid Electric Bike
Germany 2013 Design

Design Features:
Three-dimensional bicycle body and scientific design based on the laws of human engineering, material mechanics and easthetics) all render the best effect of riding bicycles.
Compact, portable, beautiful and selected materials enable you riding more secure and easy.
Good grade ability: the static grade ability of more than 8 degrees
In order to ensure your safety during the journey, while braking, the power security system will automatically cut off the power supply.
Bicycle is designed based on the standard bicycle speed limit, with the rated speed of 20km/h, can make you more safe and your families more ease.
Compact induction charger
B2R Electric Gel Battery
Advantages of the gel battery lie in long cycle life, over-discharge-resistance and capable of discharging without charging 250W for a long time (such usage of AGM battery can make vulcanization failure easier, better high and low temperature resistance than AGM, gel electrolyte and free of internal short-circuit faults. High heat capacity and strong heat dissipating ability can fend off the thermal runaway phenomenon caused by common storage batteries, thus, it is extremely secure during the high temperature operations, free of “drying” phenomenon and with a broader working range.
Intelligent charging system can detect the voltage of each battery during charging, and provide the over-charging protection for the single battery, and capable of automatically achieving the balanced charging.

Bike Specification:
Overall dimensions: 1800 x 640 x 1100m
Front –and rear-wheel center distance: 1180m
Weight: <40kg
Carrying capacity: <75kg
Maximum boosting speed/per hour: 25km/h
Continued trip mileage: 30-40km (on the smooth and road and in the no-rain weather, with the total load of 75kg, continuously riding at the speed of 20km/h)
Grade ability: <8
Rated Power<250w
Power consumption per 100km:<1.2kw/h

Main Technical Parameters of Storage Batteriers:
Capacity: 36v/10Ah
Rated operational voltage: 36v
Charging time: 6-8h
Power Consumption/per 100km: <1.2 kwh

Main Technical Parameters of the Electric Bike:
Rated continuous power output: 250W
Rated Voltage: 36V
Electric Efficiency:>70%
Rated Rotor Speed: 224+5r/min

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