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I have for sale a brand new and never ridden fixie bike. It has been a project of mine for the last month, and built it from an immaculate 24" vintage peugeot frame.

Please contact me on 07544116322 or by email.

EVERY part but the perfect condition frame is brand new

The frame appears new because it has been professionally sprayed, and the frame had absolutely no rust or damage when it was stripped to the bare metal before spraying

The 700c deep rim black wheels were £110 alone and they look great with the slick 25x700 tyres

the seat is a prologo colnago which retails at £30, and is very comfortable and good lookin'

It is fixed-wheel fixie, which are amazing fun to ride, (just watch the movie premium rush =P ). So when you pedal backwards the back wheel will rotate backwards too (can act as breaking method if you want to look tough and take the front brake off). I tried to keep the front brake to a minimum and used a chrome promax BMX brake lever to keep the minimalistic appearance.

It's a big frame at 24inches so would only suite people 5"10+. and maybe 5"9 (come see if it suites you)

Please contact me on 07544116322 or by email.

Hope to hear from you soon,


I have important exams coming up so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no time wasters (viewings totally welcome though!- if you turn up =P )

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