Special Features:
Technical specification from manufacturer website:
Maximum assisted speed: 15.5mph
Power control: UK Throttle and crank mounted torque sensor/ EU Pedal Assist
Range: Up to 40 miles*
Display: LCD showing: State of charge; speedometer; voltage; battery temperature
Lights: Front and rear LED
Battery: Advanced Panasonic Lithium ion 36V 9ah
Motor: 250W brushless rear hub motor
Gears: 8 Speed Shimano Alivio with rapid fire shifter
Brakes: Tektro V-brakes with cut out
Frame: 19” Aluminium frame
Mudguards: Sports mudguards front and rear
Accessories: rear mounted rack, bike maintenance kit
Besides the accessories that came with the bike, I am selling it with two high-quality front lights which light a clear path in front of you on dark roads.
It also comes with the instruction manuals for bike frame, battery and LCD monitor.
This bike was purchased from a specialist dealer (Cyclingmadeeasy) in south London in September 2012. It was used regularly for 2 days a week for a 7 mile round trip to the railway station over about 12 months, used more in summer, less in winter. It was charged regularly and kept indoors. A change of job last November made cycling no longer a practical option.

It is an excellent bike, which makes hills much easier to manage and speeds along flat stretches of road. I found it brilliant for a commute of 3.5 miles each way but it could do much further if that is required.

Unlike some other electric bikes, this looks quite like a regular mountain bike, as it has a full frame, good tough tyres and the battery is discreet. It is fitted with a set of handle-bars that sit higher than the standard, so that you are not hunched over when riding.

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