Special Features:
Mongoose Vanish Mountain eBike
20″ Frame – 26″ Wheels – 21 gears – Disk Brakes -1000w Motor – 48v lithium Li-ion 12ah battery
Mongoose Vanish 1000w 48v eBike Men’s Mountain eBike 2015 By Wing eBikes

This eBike is being sold as a new off road bike as it is 1000watts 48volts POWER machine.

The rear tyre inner tube has been treated with Slime Tube Sealant to prevent unwanted punctures

This bike has the speed of a moped without all the running costs!
These eBikes are a conversation piece everywhere you go on them.

It is a great looking and fun bike. It will sit at 27 to 30 mph depending on the wind on the flat.

I have done over 40mph downhill on these eBikes but it’s a bit scary!

The battery has about 15 to 25 miles range depending on how much power you use. It’s like riding a bike downhill all the time even when going uphill!

Adjustable 5 level intelligent pedal assist with thumb throttle
LCD display shows battery level, pedal assistance level (1 to 5), distance and time traveled.
Crank speed sensor for pedal assist.
2014 Model – 48V 12ah bottle holder mount lithium Li-ion electric bike battery. (Not from eBay)

These are the latest and some of the best eBike batteries you can buy.

The bike is in New condition with a new 1000W 48V kit top of the range kit with a new battery, thumb throttle and LCD display. The bike will have had a short test ride to check that everthing works as it should.

If ever any problems with them I will be here to help. These kits are very reliable.
More information http://wing-ebikes.co.uk/?page_id=1087
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