Would you like help creating your advert or tips on buying second hand and new bikes on DealMyWheel? Then you will be happy to know that the answers to any questions you may have about our bicycle service can be found right here on this page.

About DealMyWheel

What is DealMyWheel? DealMyWheel is an online bicycle exchange service, upon which you can both buy and sell second hand and new bikes. The bikes listed on this website are not our own; we simply offer a place for people to sell bikes over the internet.

How does DealMyWheel work?
If you have a bike for sale, you can register with DealMyWheel and post an advert which interested parties are able to respond to either by telephone or email. To buy a bike, simply enter your search criteria, find a bike that suits you and get in touch with the seller.

What does DealMyWheel cost?
Nothing; you only pay if you choose to book additional extras. More information on these can be found in your log in area under ‘Extras’.

Is DealMyWheel on Facebook?
Sure it is! Head on over there now to keep up to date with the latest from DealMyWheel and recommend bikes to your friends.

Where can I find your terms and conditions?
You can read all of our terms and conditions here.

I am a journalist. How can I get in touch with DealMyWheel?
For all press enquiries, please write to us at info[at]

Selling my bike

How do I advertise my bike on DealMyWheel?
In order to sell a bike on DealMyWheel, you will first need to register by entering your Email address and desired password. You can also register using your Facebook account. As soon as you’ve signed yourself up you can get started with your advert. Just click on ‘Place Ad’ and enter all of the required information, including type of bike, colour, title of the advert, price, make, condition, age, number of gears, size, material and type of brakes.

Do I have to register with DealMyWheel in order to place an ad for my bike?
Yes, without registering you will not be able to place your ad.

How can I change my password or have a new one sent out to me?
You can edit your password in the log in area at any time under preferences. If you have forgotten your password we can easily send you a new one. Simply click on ‘forgotten password’.

How do I edit my advert?
You can edit your advert by clicking on ‘edit’ in your log in area. If you would like to make changes to your images, just click on ‘manage images’.

How do I delete or deactivate my advert?
In the log in area you can deactivate or delete your advert by clicking on the corresponding button (deactivate or delete).

How can I read and answer enquiries?
You can see all of your enquiries in the log in area. Here you can read all messages and answer them directly.

How can I, as a seller, protect myself against fraudsters?
Only deal with customers who live nearby! Meet up with your customer in a safe place and hand over your bicycle on location. Do not send your bike in advance of receiving payment. We advise you not to accept cheques because there is a chance they may not be fully covered.

Buying a bike

Can I purchase a bike directly from DMW?
Unfortunately not. We merely provide a platform upon which people can sell their bike. If you have found a bike that you would like to buy, please contact the seller by Email. A seller’s contact details can be found at the top of the menu list of every advert.

Do I have to register with DealMyWheel in order to buy a bike?
No, you don’t have to register.

How does payment work?
Since we are simply an online marketplace, all payment arrangements have to be agreed between the seller and the customer.

Can I return a bike if I am unhappy with it? If so, how?
The terms of sale for a bike are completely down to whoever is selling it. There for all conditions must be agreed between the two parties before any purchase is made. We advise you to contact your seller directly for more information on this.

How can I protect myself against fraudsters?
Only deal with sellers in your region Meet up with your customer in a safe place and hand over the money on location.If your answer was not be answered here, please send us an E-Mail at info[at]