Special Features:
Alu frame.

Excellent brakes.

Custom paint job.

Custom parts.

Mechanically perfect.
Up for sale my unique Raleigh Chopper.

Bought it last year when I was living in Oxford and since then I have transformed it quite a bit! I really wanted a "stand out" bicycle, so as if a Chopper is not a flashing bike for itself, I can tell you that this particular one turns heads, put smiles in faces and drivers/cyclist talk to you while standing at the lights!

Frame was stripped a re painted. This was my first incursion to bicycle "art" after trying with a couple of pictures that are hanging in my living room. You can see the outcome in the pics. It has been clear coated for a durable and glossy finish.

Mechanically the bike is a modern Chopper, performing an alloy frame that is light and won't rust. It has newer and powerful V-brakes that feel very sharp and safe. It was a three speed bike but it has been converted into single speed: maximum simplicity and reliability. As I had to rebuilt the bike after the paint work I took advantage of that regreasing the bottom bracket and fitting brand new inner cables and outers. Tyres as new.

Grip and bell are upgrades (the most colourful I could source) and chromed mirros are NOS, now difficult to find. Chain is in 5 different colours (yes, I had to buy 5 chains to do that!).

Bike is in excellent condition for age but expect the odd mark and rust spot (not in frame) normal in a used bike. Only minor.

Obviously this is not a bike for going fast and even for commuting, but if you want to go for a Sunday ride with a smile in your face or want to make a unique present, it would be ideal.

You may like it or not but it does not leave any one indifferent!

I have other projects in mind so I have to let it go.

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