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Information on Mountain Bikes

The mountain bike is undoubtedly built more for sport than every day travel and as its name suggests, it is perfectly designed for use off the beaten track. Typical features of a mountain bike include a wheel diameter of 26 inches and ribbed tires for maximum friction. It is also common for these bikes to have between 18 and 30 gears and some even have an internal gear hub to accommodate all of them.

Many of these bikes also incorporate springs on the front wheels and shock absorbers at the rear to offer phenomenal suspension systems, built from various materials. Depending on the type of sports you want to do with your mountain bike, there is a selection of pneumatic and steel spring suspensions designed especially for specific manoeuvres and terrains.

Compared to other bikes, mountain bikes have relatively small frames and all have a sloping top tube. In most cases these bikes are made out of aluminium but in the first days of off road cycling they were build from steel. This way of building mountain bikes still exists in the downhill sport sector.

The reason for his is that if the rider happens to crash, it’s important that the frame does not immediately break or get bent out of shape. Mountain bikes are also made from carbon but they are not often used by professionals since the material is simply too fragile. This can be dangerous in an accident and quickly deteriorates through the rigor of constant use.

In the UK, the market for mountain bikes is very big and there is a multitude of famous brands associated with their production. Cube, Specialized and Giant are just three companies of many who offer quality and reliable bikes.

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