This is a custom bmx I had built as a hobbie. I have spent £1100 on this bmx from scratch.
It is a superlite street/Dirt track BMX in prestine condition. There are Exclusive parts such as the Profile Hubs, Crank and sproket along with a range of Odyssey parts. I had taken these Pictures after my last ride excuse the dirt and any in detail marks as i had taken with a good digital camera. This bmx is a rare find and has been treated like a baby. The condition of the bmx is mint, polished and ready to be bought for a reasonable price. The bmx is pretty much brand new with just a few scratches as any bmx would have.   

Frame: Hoffman Loyalty Frame (Lightest Hoffman Frame) black

Forks: Odyssey Thermal Forks black

Cranks: Profile DJ Crankset black - red caps

Sprocket: Profile black

Pedals: Odyssey

Rear Brake: V12 Odyssey Breaking System Red

Front Brake: N/A

Brake Levers: Odyssey Trigger Leaver - Red Cable Black trigger

Rims: Primo Rims ( Red / Black Alternating Primo Spokes)

Front Hub: Profile Racing Hub Colour Red

Rear Hub: Profile Racing Hub colour Red

Tyres: Odyssey Aitken Tyres

Stem: Odyssey Stem Red

Bars: Fit Flow series 2 Handle Bars - comfortable Odyssey Grips

Seat: Odyssey Seat

Seat post: Coalition Seat Post 

Exclusive chain

Open to offers

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