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Good things to know about new and used BMXs!

Amongst the most popular second hand bikes on DealMyWheel, the BMX was first built at the end of the 60s in the USA. The teenagers who designed it were fans of motocross but couldn’t afford the machinery required to compete and in many cases were too young for a license.

Small bikes and sometimes even children’s bikes were fixed with motorbike handlebars and appropriate tires, leading to the birth of the BMX. These teenagers rode races on sand courses and practiced tricks on various jumps.

Along with motorbike handlebars and small wheels (20 inches), BMXs also feature a low saddle, pegs (Steel tubes used for grinding on walls etc) at the front and rear of the bike and as many as 48 spokes on each wheel. These are crossed over each other three or four times.

At the beginning of the 80s BMXs were very popular, especially after gaining fame in films like E.T. and BMX Bandits.

However, the BMX is has always been seen as a sports bike. Since the emergence of these bikes, they have been used in many competitions worldwide across several combined disciplines. World Championships have been held at irregular intervals since 1987.

Today there are still many BMXs around but they are often not found in ‘normal’ bike dealerships. BMX dealers have, in a manner of speaking, cut themselves off from the rest of the cycling world and these specialist shops are often started up by riders involved in the BMX scene. In fact more often than you think, you might see the dealer himself taking part in various events.

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