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Children’s Bikes and Youth Bikes

Children’s bikes are available in many different sizes to cater for all ages, however generally speaking you would expect the range to start at a 12 inch wheel size for children’s bikes up to 24 inches for youth bikes.

Still, a child’s induction into the world of cycling begins much earlier than even this. As soon as many kids begin to walk they are given a tricycle by their parents, often inherited from an older sibling. They usually become an essential part of playtime and help children to improve their coordination.

When your children have grown up a little, you might want to move them onto a larger kid’s bike with stabilisers. Often, they are easily removable but until your little ones feel ready riding a two-wheeler without any support, stabilisers give them the independence to ride alongside you on short or longer trips. Riding to school together, for example, is a great way of making the school day fun and by the time their cycling proficiency test rolls around, they’ll definitely be at the top of the class.

With a cool youth bike, older kids can feel comfortable cycling wherever they go. BMXs are incredibly popular amongst young teens and for many this is the first opportunity to try out a few tricks. Amongst the most popular brands for youth bikes bike are Mongoose and Pegasus. However PUKY are also very famous for their children’s bikes.

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