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Information about Cruisers

For quite some time, the classic ‘cruiser’ bike is a seldom sight on streets of Britain. Originally made in the 40s, this bike was available in a variety of forms including the stretchcruiser, lowrider, softcruiser and beachcruiser models.

Clearly the cruiser was not created with comfort in mind, however with its curved frame and hefty tires, it has a lot to offer from a design perspective.

Also typical of this sort of bike is the cruiser wheel fork and it’s variety of frame sizes. The rear tyre is often wider than the front, giving the bike a unique dynamic.

Special models such as the stretchcruiser can be seen as low riding bikes and can measure up at over two meters in length, making for a laid back sitting position.

Chopper cruisers bear great resemblance to the chopper motorbikes which are so often seen in the USA. These bikes incorporate high handlebars, an especially large double bridged fork and a seat which is located at the very back of the bike. Well known manufacturers of cruisers include BULLS and Electra.

Lowrider cruisers are, as you might expect, built to be as low as possible with small wheels just 20 inches in height. This model is used as a show bike than for serious riding because its deep construction leaves it particularly impractical.

One unfortunate aspect which all cruisers share is that they put more pressure on the rider’s knees and lower back than other bikes. Because of their inefficient sitting position, you have to push your legs fairly hard to achieve any motion, which inevitably leads to fatigue and possibly overextension.

Unfortunately there is no healthier or comfier alternative to the cruiser, but then again that’s not really the point. These are bikes, which are made to look cool and in this sense they are pretty much unrivalled.

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