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Fly High with a Dirt Bike

Dirt Bikes differ from mountain bikes, in that they have small, stable frames which make them great for jumps. Dirt jumps and leaps over mounds of earth are a familiar sight to anyone who has ever flicked through extreme sport channels late at night and it’s exactly this kind of competition that a BMX or a dirt bike really excel in. By jumping to sometimes heady heights, riders can perform all manner of tricks and put on dazzling displays.

Above all the dirt bike is a top line sports bike. Mostly using no gears and only a back brake, this is a bike which has been optimised for one purpose: high flying tricks. This is also where the spinning handlebars really come into their own.

This said, the most important aspect of a dirt bike has to be its suspension. Just imagine trying to land a 15 foot jump into the air without a cushioned landing! Because of this, you should definitely pay close attention to a dirt bike’s suspension before you buy it. The lighter a dirt bike is, the easier you can get good air on your jumps. Because of this, you usually don’t find many unnecessary extra features or accessories on them.

Well known manufacturers of Dirt Bikes include Kona, Ghost and Giant.

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