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Information on electric bikes

So called electric bikes, pedelecs, e-bikes or e-bicycles have inbuilt motors which assist the pedals in creating motion.

The motor primarily functions as support and helps to create a relaxed manner of riding. Usually these bikes are powered by a replaceable battery which must be charged frequently in order to maintain its functionality.

Since E-bikes can be classified as micro scooters, they have to comply with the Highway Code. In extreme cases, they might even be considered motorbikes if their top speed is too great.

This said riders of electronic bikes are not required to wear helmets, take out insurance or hold a special license, unless it is modified and turned into a motorbike. Well known manufacturers include Bergamont and Kettler.

One variation of electronic bikes is the pedelec. The difference between the Pedelec and other electric bikes is that the support motor on an E-bike can be revved by gripping the handle bars. On a pedelec, the rider has to keep pedalling in order to generate forward motion. As soon as you stop pedalling, the motor ceases to support the bike.

Again, there is no obligation to wear a helmet, be insured or obtain a license in order to ride these bikes and no training certificates are necessary. Nevertheless, DealMyWheel would always recommend that you wear a helmet on any bike just in case.

You can also make a distinction between pedelecs with limited and unlimited pedal support. Those with unlimited support can be known as S-pedelecs.

Other than its motor, an electric bike is built exactly like a normal bike. It has brakes, a gear box, pedals and a chain. The motor doesn’t necessarily have to be used at all times and you can switch it off whenever you want to pedal as normal.

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