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Information about the European City Bike

A city bike generally does exactly what you would expect from something called a city bike. Above all this bike lends itself to comfortable, relaxing daily use and is available new and used for both women and men.

With a bike like this your daily commute, trip to the shops and other errands will be no problem at all. However it is also easy to get some brisk exercise with the city bike and it is perfect for short rides in the countryside.

In most cases, city bikes and tour bikes have three to five gears, wide tires, bag carriers, lights and even storage space or a basket at either the front or back of the bicycle.

These bikes have a moderate to heavy frame and mostly measure up at 28 inches tall, so they have a fairly high level of road resistance. Due to their low saddle they are incredibly comfortable and easy to get on and off, making it a great choice for young and old.

At first the city bike was often labelled as a ‚granny bike’ and compared to the roadster. However, the city bike has long since shrugged off this reputation and is now one of the most popular bikes that you are likely to see around most European cities. Because it promotes an upright sitting posture whilst riding, you often get a good view of everything going on around you; very useful for a busy city centre.

Still, no matter how trendy these bikes have been at any particular time, the high stability and low maintenance of a city bike has always made for a bike of extreme comfort. These bikes are made for anyone, no matter what their age or level of fitness may be. Many of the world’s best known and most renowned manufacturers make these bikes such as Gazelle and Hercules.

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