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Miscellaneous: Tandem Bikes, Unicycles, Recumbent Bikes and More.

Here you can find information many different types of bike which buck popular trends simply refuse to fall into a conventional category. These are the James Deans, the Outsiders and yes, the Charlie Chaplins of the bike world, at least in the case of the unicycle, which together with the likes of recumbent bikes and tandems make up this weird and wonderful selection.

These bikes are often the most instantly recognisable and this is certainly the case for the tandem bike. You don’t need to click onto Duratec’s website to visualise what these bikes look like for yourself and the image of two people riding a tandem bike is forever ingrained into the imagination of every child. However, there’s much more to tandem bikes than just good looks; they’re also masterfully designed to be comfortable and efficient for a pair to ride. Just make sure you keep your balance or you might not be a pair for much longer!

With the recumbent bike you can quite literally just kick back and relax. That’s because its backward-leaning seat and forward lying pedals combine to create a unique cycling experience of travelling whilst, as the name suggests, completely recumbent. The recumbent bike is available in many different styles, lowracers for example being the sporty choice, compared to other models for which pedals are operated using the arms.

Back to a much more accustomed sight, the tricycle is a bike loved by small children in every home. Nevertheless, even more adults can be seen cruising the streets on their trike, particularly elderly people who welcome the extra stability provided its doubled up rear wheels. Something like this can offer a safe way for older people to stay active without having to worry about losing their balance and can really help them maintain their independence.

If you would like to buy a tandem bike, a recumbent bike or a tricycle, you are in the right place with DealMyWheel.co.uk. Here you can find new and used bikes of all description.