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Information on Racing Bikes

Most racing bikes weigh between 6 and 9 KG. The best way to recognise a racing bike is by their slight frame and slim wheels which are specially designed for riding on streets and other tarred surfaces. Well known racing bike brands include Haibike and Scott.

Other notable features include so called ‘drop handlebars’ which allow the rider to adopt various grips and sitting positions to suit different riding situations. It has neither storage space nor a mudguard, although in special cases these can be added to specific models. This said most standard models do provide holders for up to two water bottles.

Albeit a highly specialised bike in many ways, the racing bike’s brakes are fairly traditional brake pads, since hydraulic or disk brakes wouldn’t offer the rider much of an advantage. In fact, the slender build of a racing bike means that it can be braked quickly regardless of how advanced its braking system is.

The correct way to sit on a racing bike is to lean over the handlebars in order to stay as aerodynamic as possible. Coupled with streamlined helmet this creates a highly efficient posture which cuts through the air like a knife. In order to help the rider achieve this, the seat is usually a little higher than the handlebars.

However, it’s not just wind resistance that these bikes are designed to circumvent; racing bikes are also built for minimum road resistance. Shoes can also be attached to the pedals so that the rider’s stride is never accidentally broken.

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