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Information on new and used Raleigh Choppers

The Raleigh Chopper is a bike which could characterise an entire generation. In the 60s and 70s the Raleigh Chopper was incredibly popular in the UK and left an imprint on the way we remember street scenes from those days. Since then their number has dwindled, however these bikes remain cult favourites and whenever you see a Raleigh Chopper, the thought instantly springs to mind that it could have been around for more than forty years.

This bike owes its particularly strong character to its so called ‘banana seat’, complete with a sloping backrest which not only acts as suspension for the fork tube but its antler like handlebars.

In contrast to these oversized handlebars, the bicycles themselves stand at quite a modest 20 inches tall. A further eye catcher of the Raleigh Chopper is its set of hub gears, which are found centrally on its double top tube and reminiscent of a car’s gearshift.

If you ever come across a Raleigh Chopper, you will be sure to recognise it from a distance. Often these bikes are customised and decorated to look stylish. It’s not uncommon to see them with foxtails and even Mercedes badges, pendants and custom headlights. Beer coasters and playing cards are also often placed between the spokes to attract the attention of passers by.

Because it’s so easy to personalise their look and individuality, Raleigh Choppers catch the eye like no other bike. In this sense, it’s easy to see how this bike can get you into a lot of interesting conversations.

Even in the 70s these bikes were more expensive than the others so if you want one, you’re going to have to dig deep in your pockets.

A comparable bike with the same capabilities was around half the price of a Raleigh Chopper and quite often only boys were allowed to get one with girls of this generation being banned from riding one by their parents. Some women still feel aggrieved that they were never able to own a Raleigh Chopper as a child and fulfil their wish by buying one now that they are old enough to make their own decisions.

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