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Information on new and used roadsters

Roadsters, otherwise known as English Roadsters, are generally comparable to the European city bike, the obvious difference being that the roadster has a side panel towards its rear. On top of this, it is normal for the rider of a roadster to adopt an upright sitting position. Further notable features include the closed gearbox and the mudguard found on the back of the bike.

As their name might suggest, the English roadster originally comes from England – but then again, what’s in a name? If you take a ferry over to Rotterdam, you might find our Dutch cousins have a very different idea about where the roadster comes from and in fact many Europeans would agree with them that it was first made in Holland. One thing is for sure, this bike might not be as popular as it once was but it can still be found wherever you go. Famous manufacturers of roadsters include Raleigh, Gazelle and Batavus.

The roadster may well be best suited for city life but it is also astoundingly good for long rides through the countryside. The bike has a comfortable, upright sitting position which is very kind to your back, with both the seat and handle bar able to be adjusted at will.

The roadster is on the verge of a huge comeback in the UK with its retro look appealing to students and young professionals, as well as its undoubted comfort. Most second hand and new Roadsters are also very stable, reliable and are still in good nick after years of use.

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