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Information on Single-speed Bikes

Single-speed bikes, perhaps even more so than any other, are steeped in history in the sense that they are incredibly close to the first bikes ever produced. Often described as single gear bikes, they usually employ a back pedal braking system and are widely popular because of their simplicity and comfort.

Despite their lack of modern technology, or possibly because of it, single-speed bikes have a certain charm which other bikes may lack, and their simple build means that production costs are low so they are usually also very affordable. This high aesthetic quality is perhaps their greatest asset but they are also incredibly reliable and a real joy to ride.

Of course, its lack of alternative gears does make it difficult to ride these bikes on rough terrain but for everyday use around the town or on generally flat surfaces, these bikes perform as well as any other.

If you’re looking for a single-speed bike, some of the best known manufacturers include Eisenherz and Bianchi. Whether you need an affordable bike that can get you from A to B or are looking for a simple bike which you can customise in your own way, either for riding or artistic purposes, these bikes are a brilliant choice.

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