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The Trekking Bike – where sport and everyday life come together

The trekking bike is designed for off road use where the terrain isn’t too extreme but still warrants a more robust design than your average city bike. Riding through forest tundra and along gritty paths is where the trekking bike really comes into its own, with exceptional mudguards and space to store your backpack being particularly handy additions. Not the mention the ample light accessories you can purchase for these bikes.

With tires wider than those found on a racing bike and slimmer than those of a mountain bike, the trekking bike usually has around eight or nine gears. This is generally all that’s needed for the sort of terrain covered by a trekking bike, however it is also possible to find some with up to 27 for people who wish to travel slightly further afield.

Similarly there is quite a wide scope to how much you can pay for a trekking bike, with the main difference between the least and most expensive ones being specially added features such as suspension forks, disc brakes, comfortable saddles and other similar accessories. If you’re wondering which brands make these sorts of bikes, you may want to consider manufacturers such as Giant and Koga who are among the forerunners in this category.

Because of its great storage space, these bikes are superb for long rides. However that doesn’t necessarily mean they are optimal for incredibly long journeys and anyone planning to travel a really long way should consider bikes more suited to the task.

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